Another “Bucket List”

The following was found in a leather jacket donated to an auction in Beverly Hills. It is believed to be a “Bucket List” written by a Hollywood stunt man.

Things To Do Before I “Clock Out”:

10) Wrestling an alligator. Blind-folded. (me, not the gator)

9) Flying over the Grand Canyon in a hot air balloon with a leak.

8) Driving a Maserati 120 mph down the freeway. In reverse.

7) Ride a scooter around Sturgis yelling “Harleys are for woosies” until someone starts chasing me.

6) Jump out of a plane. In a straight jacket.

5) Kayak up a waterfall.

4) Write a beautiful poem about love. While running with the bulls.

3) Sign up for a touristy “Cage Snorkeling With the Great White Sharks,” after secretly cutting myself shaving.

2) Climb Mt. Everest. And then jump off.

1) Have sex with Angelina Jolie . . . after we both get lit on fire.

About Tom "Press" Scanlon

Longtime journalist (North Coast News, Seattle Times, Mesa Tribune etc) and author ("Ocean Shores Tourist Killer," "Atlantis City").
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