The Immaculate Jagoffs of Pittsburgh is…a burgh thing. Perhaps the Pittsburghest novel ever written, this comical tale of three young adults at a “confluence” is set during the historic last week of 1972, bookended by Pittsburgh’s greatest, most stunning victory (Franco’s Immaculate Reception)–and most crushing, shocking loss (the Great One, Roberto…). Read this book to flash back to a world made up of:


Town Talk Bread commercial

Pie Traynor commercial

Bruno Sammartino

George “The Animal” Steele

Three Rivers Stadium

The Igloo



Little Jimmy Roach

“The Sunshine Kid” Kudzma

Chilly Billy

Terminal Stare

The Gateway Clipper

Tic Toc Cafe


This is the story of Scan, Clay, and Lore, as dissimilar as Pittsburgh’s three rivers, but flowing together in a confluence. Taking place in the ‘burgh during the last week of 1972, the novel begins at Three Rivers Stadium, where, after a pre-game prank, Clay convinces Scan to leave a playoff game with less than a minute left. As such, the roommates at an apartment on the Duquesne “Bluff” miss the last-seconds play that comes to be known as “The Immaculate Reception.” 

About Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon started his journalism career as a sports stringer with the Pittsburgh Press (RIP) and Post-Gazette, then moved on to the Seattle Times, Mesa Tribune etc. He is the author of plays including "The Superhumans" and novels including "Ocean Shores Tourist Killer," "Atlantis City," and, now, "The Immaculate Jagoffs of Pittsburgh."
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