Caption this Gary Iversen photo


About Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon started his journalism career as a sports stringer with the Pittsburgh Press (RIP) and Post-Gazette, then moved on to the Seattle Times, Mesa Tribune etc. He is the author of plays including "The Superhumans" and novels including "Ocean Shores Tourist Killer," "Atlantis City," and, now, "The Immaculate Jagoffs of Pittsburgh."
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13 Responses to Caption this Gary Iversen photo

  1. Swim! says:

    Who otter be doing this?

  2. Nicky Anderson and Dougie Dog . says:

    You have a nice pool here buddy

  3. Somebody called Surf Rescue?

  4. Green Bean says:

    That new sign was too high. I couldn’t read it. What did it say about doing something at my own risk?

  5. J-Bird says:

    Get otter my way!!!

  6. Olivia says:

    You otter be kidding!

  7. timmoon says:

    Synchronized ottering.

  8. Did you ever see that old TV show “Otter Limits”?

  9. Green Bean says:

    Otter have my head examined for continuing this response.

  10. beachcomber says:

    2 cute!

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