Caption this Gary Iversen photo


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13 Responses to Caption this Gary Iversen photo

  1. Swim! says:

    Who otter be doing this?

  2. Nicky Anderson and Dougie Dog . says:

    You have a nice pool here buddy

  3. Somebody called Surf Rescue?

  4. Green Bean says:

    That new sign was too high. I couldn’t read it. What did it say about doing something at my own risk?

  5. J-Bird says:

    Get otter my way!!!

  6. Olivia says:

    You otter be kidding!

  7. timmoon says:

    Synchronized ottering.

  8. Did you ever see that old TV show “Otter Limits”?

  9. Green Bean says:

    Otter have my head examined for continuing this response.

  10. beachcomber says:

    2 cute!

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