Snowy pics

From Tim Moon, who notes, “Attached pics of snowy owl taken Friday afternoon about 3:30. He was just off the beach in the dunes behind the Snuggler’s Cove Resort cabins on Marine View Drive (next to the Shrimp Boat Deli). Saw him and got the pics as I was coming back from a walk on the beach with the dog. Never go on the beach without the camera – you never know what you might miss. First time I’ve seen one of the snowy owls in this area.”


About Tom "Press" Scanlon

Longtime journalist (North Coast News, Seattle Times, Mesa Tribune etc) and author ("Ocean Shores Tourist Killer," "Atlantis City").
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3 Responses to Snowy pics

  1. Gary Iversen says:

    Thanks Tim, a lot less of a hike.

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