Beyond Locals Only, Volume 4: Getting Biblical

“Do you really administer justice, you mighty ones? Do you judge rightly, you men?

Rather do you plan evil in your heart, and your wicked hands deal out injustice in the land.

. . .Let them pass like the snail that wastes away . . .”

 Though it is surely an overstatement to get biblical on the Ocean Shores government, one has to wonder what our leaders’ idea of justice is.

Do they really believe in the “open and transparent” government that most (if not all) of them told voters they would create?

Why did Mayor Crystal Dingler try to steer a debate between councilors Jackie Farra and Ginny Hill over ambulance utility feedback into “executive session”? (“ We can talk about this later. We do have an executive session, we can discuss it there if we want.”)

Does she not understand the extremely limited scope of what should be discussed in executive sessions that are not open to the public?

Why does the mayor pick and choose from what the citizens said in answer to HER OWN SURVEY

Why wasn’t a start date for the ambulance utility on the agenda of the last city council meeting?

Why did the city’s presentation on the ambulance utility fail to mention the cities that have EMS levies and/or ambulance utilities, but DO NOT CHARGE residents for ambulance services (beyond what is covered by insurance)?

Why didn’t the city explain that it was doing multiple interfund loans during 2012 to make General Fund payments? Why was this financial shuffling done “behind the scenes”?

Why was the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for library computer maintenance done in such a rushed, sloppy and apparently unfair way – copying a previous proposal from Grant Midbrod, who (surprise surprise turned out to be the one who got the contract?

Why has councilor John Lynn failed to provide the basis for his accusation that fellow councilor Ed Engel’s criticisms of city salaries cost the Convention Center business?

Speaking of Engel, why did he abstain from voting on the ambulance utility, then vote in favor of a March 1 start date?

Why does Randy Scott miss so many meetings?


Why doesn’t Dingler just have two microphones at city council meetings – one for the citizens who agree with her, and another with a “mute” button for those who disagree?


Does Ocean Shores have “just” leadership? Or just snails?

About Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon started his journalism career as a sports stringer with the Pittsburgh Press (RIP) and Post-Gazette, then moved on to the Seattle Times, Mesa Tribune etc. He is the author of plays including "The Superhumans" and novels including "Ocean Shores Tourist Killer," "Atlantis City," and, now, "The Immaculate Jagoffs of Pittsburgh."
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1 Response to Beyond Locals Only, Volume 4: Getting Biblical

  1. Spenser says:

    The ultimate effect of shielding city elected representatives from their folly is to fill the city with fools. Ocean Shores has no leadership and has no snails passing taxes and fees. Leadership would read this blog or any source of wisdom like the Bible. They are fools trying to make fools who can be led by fools. Listening to themselves and those who only agree with them is not leadership. Pretending to listen is not leadership either.

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