“Too cold too drink”

By Carol Schultz:


About Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon started his journalism career as a sports stringer with the Pittsburgh Press (RIP) and Post-Gazette, then moved on to the Seattle Times, Mesa Tribune etc. He is the author of plays including "The Superhumans" and novels including "Ocean Shores Tourist Killer," "Atlantis City," and, now, "The Immaculate Jagoffs of Pittsburgh."
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7 Responses to “Too cold too drink”

  1. Lorraine T says:

    Poor thing, but drinking from an upside down Christmas tree stand? 🙂

  2. sheltered2 says:

    Bet it tastes better than city water!

  3. ProduceGirl says:

    I kinda like the tree stand thing….large collection area to get the fresh rain, nice height for the dog, and gives purpose to the stand for the 11 months out of the year you otherwise have it taking up closet/storage space. Clever…I think.

  4. Lorraine T says:

    and they will drink out of it the other month of the year anyway huh Sharon? 🙂

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