“We can do it, this year!”

Grand Canyon website: “250 people are rescued from the canyon each year.”

I’d like to thank you all for being here. We are laughed at, we’re scorned, mocked … sometimes by the very people sent out to rescue us. But we are not – I repeat, not – quitters! And so, as I stand before this huge, immense, intimidating wonder-of-the-world, as I begin yet another precarious plunge, I do so knowing that I am not alone.  Indeed, I don’t think I would attempt this, year after year, without you, my 249 closest friends.

I know we had a rough 2015, and 2014 wasn’t very good, let alone 2013 and 2012…

But this year, we will not – I repeat, NOT – need to be rescued! I know it’s getting dark, but let’s get going. Anyone remember water, this time? … Oh well, no worries, I’m sure we’ll find some, along the way.

About Tom "Press" Scanlon

Longtime journalist (North Coast News, Seattle Times, Mesa Tribune etc) and author ("Ocean Shores Tourist Killer," "Atlantis City").
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1 Response to “We can do it, this year!”

  1. David Clary says:

    Hey Tom,
    Jeeze, it’s great to see you are still out and about. Don’t know if you remember me or not. I was one of the attendeeees of the readers input group, then a regular at the answers for all group. We moved to Arizona around five years ago and are now in Mesa. Last I heard you were in Cave Creek but I could be wrong about that. I still follow the insanity in Ocean Shores. Our friend Andy is kind enough to send me updates. I feel it’s sad that nothing has changed there in all the years since we originally moved there in 1995. The good ole boys thing is still alive and well in that city. Apathy and stupidity. Not sure it’ll ever change. Anyway Hope all is well with you. It was a pleasant surprise to see your blog. Thank you!
    Dave Clary

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