Horrible story: Dead baby found in O.S.

Komo news story.

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. — Police are looking for answers after a woman stumbled upon a dead infant during a Friday evening walk in Ocean Shores.

Police say the woman was walking with her dog in the 200 block of Fisher Avenue NE at about 6 p.m. when she noticed a rag hanging from a branch in a wooded vacant lot.

When she walked over to investigate, the woman found a dead baby on the ground, according to Jeff Myers with Hoquiam Police Department.

Police don’t yet know how the baby died, but Myers said it appears the child was a newborn and likely wasn’t born in a medical facility. Police don’t know who the mother is, but they worry she may need medical attention.

Anyone with information about the mother or baby is asked to call the police.


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9 Responses to Horrible story: Dead baby found in O.S.

  1. They caught them! says:

    NCN just reported on FB:
    INFANT DEATH UPDATE: A 21-year-old Grays Harbor woman has been identified as the mother of the newborn baby whose dead body was found Friday night discarded in bushes alongside a vacant wooded lot about a half mile south of the Ocean Shores Airport.
    Police said tips received as a result of media reports about the baby’s discovery early Saturday led to information that identified the woman as a possible suspect.
    After the woman and her boyfriend were contacted, authorities said they learned the couple had previously been staying at an Ocean Shores motel in the 600 block of Ocean Shores Boulevard. They were taken to the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department in Montesano for interviews yesterday afternoon as a task force of officers continued to process evidence from the motel.
    Charges are pending the results of an autopsy currently being conducted by the Grays Harbor County Coroner’s Office.
    Ocean Shores Police, with Sgt. Dave McManus as the lead investigator, are considering the death a homicide, and they processed the multiple scenes with assistance from Hoquiam police and the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department.
    A woman was walking in the 200 bock of Fisher Avenue NE in Ocean Shores about 6 p.m. and noticed a rag hanging on a branch, which looked odd. She looked closer and discovered the child’s body.

  2. JBird says:

    There is nothing more terrible than the needless death of a child. Breaks my heart.

    • Sara Smith says:

      I agree

      I had hoped never to have to read another local story like this once we moved here from a “university town” where we would have one or two of these a year.

      Most states you can relinquish a newborn to a fire department, an hospital, sometimes a police station. It is a shame that this information isn’t provided to those needing to know it.

  3. Sara Smith says:

    there appear to be a man and woman aged 21 who ended up in jail yesterday on ‘assault 1″ charges – not sure if that is the pair or not

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