“Horrible Children’s Stories: Tales of Twisted Tots Abusing Asinine Adults”

We are pleased to announced this work-in-progress. One plan is for illustrations by death-row inmates.

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Changes soon at Prescott Valley Event Center?

In the fall, a last-minute settlement prevented All State’s $35 million lawsuit against the Prescott Valley Event Center (and various connected parties) from going to trial. A curious part of the settlement conditions: All State insisted that the Fain Signature Group-Global Entertainment partnership that had been operating the event center be dissolved, with the Fain family taking over. That, apparently, has been delayed by Global (which has changed its operating name to International Coliseums Company) filing for bankruptcy, though sources say a deal is in the works.

Links to my series on the troubled, complex event center. (Courier graphic)<br />


center losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year

explaining the complex operating/ownership arrangement

debt escalating

bond underwriters settlement

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How low will gas go?

With gas pumps starting to look like slot machines, in the Prescott area, estimates from $1.60 to $1.90. story

Photo illustration by Scott Heide/PNI Graphics

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It was a very good year – for local real estate

Home sale prices up in all four quad cities – and Obama plan may fuel sales. Story

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Solar series: Savings through the roof

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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The crowdfunding revolution

No money? No business plan? No problem!

Daily Courier story

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Prescott: Home of the Friendly Ghosts

No “Amityville Horror” terrorizing or “The Shining” bloodbaths in Prescott, where lodging ghosts seem more ready to charm than harm.

Daily Courier story

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Oil prices falling like drunken ice skater

“Vladimir Putin doesn’t like this trend – not one bit.

But Jackie Cole thinks it’s great”

Daily Courier storyEmbedded image permalink

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Obama: “If Republicans won’t try to impeach me … I’ll impeach myself!”

Threatens executive order. Republicans decry “publicity stunt.” Ted Cruz: “Who does he think he is – Cleavon Little?”

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Please join me in my drive to stamp out the whistling cell phone ring

Your contribution of as low as $1 and as high as infinity will help me make society a less annoying place to live.

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Please join me in my fight to outlaw “Selfies”

We must stop this, NOW, before it’s too late!

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Obama: “You CAN keep your doctor. As a friend.”

White House insider says Prez’s “you can keep your doctor under the new plan” quote was “taken out of context. He meant you can always stay on close terms with your doctor — there’s absolutely nothing in the Affordable Care Act that says you can’t be friends with your old doctor on Facebook. You can go golfing together, catch a movie — whatever! And, even if your doctor isn’t covered by your ACA plan, there’s nothing that says your doc can’t treat you on a pro bono level.”

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Snowden: NSA hacking Netflix accounts! (White House denies “any and all knowledge of this or anything else bad”)

German Chancelor Merkel: “I thought something was funny, when I got a documentary on J. Edgar Hoover, instead of ‘The Obama Deception.'” White House denies “any and all knowledge of this or anything else bad.”

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NFL’s MVP (Most Valuable Punk) is . . .

Richie Incomprehensible! (Who else?!) He wins a bag of flies . . . and tearing the wings of them will give him hours of fun!

. . . More on the “All-Punk Team” later.

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Watch this clip . . . and then buy an “I Heart Antonio Smith” T-shirt


Proceeds of sales for research on a cure for meatheaditis.

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Hollywood producer offers “role of lifetime” to Incognito: “Dumb and Homophobicer”

Pouncey to co-star . . . if he can stay out of jail.

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Happy Precedents Day! Vote on your favorite Precedent:

a) Extended Happy Hour

b) Casual Friday

c) “Twates” (Twitter Dating)

d) Medical Marijuana To Treat Colds (“Stone a Cold, Tweak a Fever”)

e) Unattended Kids Running and Screaming Through Stores

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Report: NFL lockerrooms will have “Towel Marshals”

Federal agents, similar to Air Marshals, to enforce new anti-bullying, sexual harassment etc. regulations.

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Putin wears Pussy Riot T-shirt, but experts say “his smile is obviously fake”

Pussy Riot in turn stages protest concerts, pledging “we won’t stop playing in churches until he takes off our T-shirt!”

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Tea Party Celebrates Cold Snap!

Outdoor rallies across Midwest, claiming “extreme cold temperatures disprove — again — the Global Warming Obamamyth!” Rallies deemed a success, though dozens of Tea Partiers taken to ER’s for pneumonia and flu-like syndromes.

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Obamacare “Black Friday Specials”

Presidential announcement coming soon: “Anyone who makes a Black Friday purchase of insurance on the ACA exchange will receive, in addition to deep discounts on excellent plans, two free co-pays.” 

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Found Stuff: “My Favoritest Movies, Ever”

Found a couple creepy, hand-written lists (I’ll save the “Best Scarey Movies” for Halloween) on an empty table at Scottsdale’s Mustang Library:

My Favoritest Movies, Ever

1) The Psycho.

“The Shower Scene” has to be the sexiest, ever! This is the best Albert Hitchcock movie (except maybe “The Halloween.”) He is, truly, an ingenious.

2) My Dog Skipped.

For those who havent’ seen it, I wont’ give away the ending. But I cried like a baby when the kid died.

3) Harold & Mod.

The old lady is hilarious! I love it when she swears! Very sexy. Continue reading

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“Obamacardiac Arrest” epidemic?

According to unconfirmed reports, dozens — and possibly scores — of applicants for the so-called “Obamacare” health-care reform are becoming so frustrated by applications that suddenly delete, options that take forever to show up and other problems with crashing Affordable Health Care websites that they are suffering heart attacks at their computers. Tea Party officials are pointing to the “Obamacardiac Arrest” epidemic as another reason to crash the entire system.

Meantime, administration officials remain skeptical of these unconfirmed reports, suggesting Tea Party propaganda. One official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told a reporter that he had heard the Tea Party was setting up ailing, elderly folks in front of computers, clicking on healthcare.gov and “just waiting for them to die. This is the most heartless, cynical strategy the world has ever seen. Ever.”

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Martyr Caucus (formerly known as Suicide Caucus): “Death to Obamacare!”

At massive Tea Party meeting, many proudly displaying wearing grenade vests. Thundering applause to keynote speaker Ted Cruz, who declares, “Obamacare is Satan!” Breakout workshops include “Russian Roulette: A Primer,” “Six Hundred Sixty Six Reasons Why Obamacare is Evil” and “Poverty is Laziness, NOT a Disease!”

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Link to “writing projects”

Tom Scanlon’s writing projects blog . . . “Writing projects,” does that sound like a high school homework assignment, er what?

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